The 1500RGB 3D™ is a high power 1600mw laser. With Red, Green & Blue emitters this fantastic new laser can produce an array of dazzling effects aswell as 3D aminations. ILDA control, Sound activated, DMX or Master Slave. This laser is definitely a floor filler.

Model No L16885
Laser Diodes 300mW Red (635nm) 300mW Green (532nm) 1000mW Blue (450nm) Mixed 1600mW White
Deflection angle ±30°
Laser Class 3b
Scanner 25k High Speed Optical
Master slave YES
Linkable YES
LED display NO
Internal programmes Sound Active, Auto Beam & Animation, 13 ch DMX512, ILDA Control
Effects Animation, Multi Pattern, 3D Twinkle & Animation
Sound operation YES
Mounting SIngle Yoke bracket.
Connections UK Mains plug and captive cable, DMX IN (3 pin XLR) DMX OUT (3 pin XLR) Interlock
Power requirements 240v AC 50Hz
W x D x H
200mm x 235mm x 130mm
Weight 4.5kg

Performance Lasers

LANTA LASERS recent advances have reduced the costs of Lasers, made them more portable and brought improved performance and reliability. With step and animation lasers in multi and single colour formats that are ideal for anyone from mobile DJs to static venues, Lanta promise Lasers that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!




Designed in the UK

LANTA LIGHTING is based in Northampton, UK. Our engineers spend their time designing new and exciting products and work closely with our factories to ensure our products meet our stringent quality standards.