Adding a fourth dimension to the tri-colour concept, Lanta’s Fireball Par64 Quad™; mixes pure white colours into the traditional red, green and blue mix. Delicate and subtle pastels and intense whites can now be added into the full colour spectrum for flexibility in any venue. And with eighteen individual 8w LEDs, long service life, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance are givens. The twin yoke bracket allows the unit to be floor mounted for front of stage work or rigged on high blending with other cans. As you’d expect, control is from on board presets, ambient sound and 4, 5 or 8 channel DMX control.

Model number J87072
Total LEDs 144w Total Power (18 x 8w Quad-Colour LEDs (RGBW)
Colours Full RGBW spectrum
Service Life Average life of 50,000 hours under normal operating conditions
DMX operations YES
DMX channels 4, 5 & 8
Master slave YES
LED display YES
Internal programmes Programmable static colour, colour mixing and colour fading functions.
Effects Built-in programs
Sound operation YES
Mounting Extended double yoke for use as floor mount or hanging bracket.
Construction Lightweight aluminium
Connections UK Mains plug and captive cable, DMX IN (3 pin XLR) DMX OUT (3 pin XLR)
Power requirement 240V AC 50Hz
Power consumption 150w
W x D x H
230mm x 310mm x 210mm
Weight 2.1kg
EAN 5060304950413

Ultra Bright LEDs

High output super bright LED Technology is moving at an incredible pace and LANTA products are at the forefront of LED design. But there is more to having brightness than just components. To make an LED last longer, work brighter and work better, a complex combination of heat dissipation, lens technology, power supply design and mechanical assembly all have to be optimised for best performance. With all LANTA lighting, this is all brought together coupled with automated assembly. The result is brighter products, longer lasting and brilliant value!

Designed in the UK

LANTA LIGHTING is based in Northampton, UK. Our engineers spend their time designing new and exciting products and work closely with our factories to ensure our products meet our stringent quality standards.



Atmosphere and Effects

LEDs make a fantastic contribution to the global move towards reduced carbon production. They use a tenth or less of the electrical power of traditional lighting, produce little heat but offer extra benefits such as multi-colour output. This can significantly reduce the number of fixtures required in a theatre or club.


LANTA LED fixtures produce superb colour mixing & uniform illumination patters to ensure smooth colour generation. The information shown here explains how much light is produced in relation to the distance from the fitting and the angle of the fixture in relation to the viewer or area to be lit.