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We Are Lanta

Lanta lighting is based in Northampton, United Kingdom. We are a team of product developers and designers, specialising in LED lighting effects, lasers and special effects. Our aim is to produce reliable, exciting and innovative products for the entertainment industry at affordable prices. We have products for theatres and stadiums right through to small portable products for mobile events, DJs etc. We have outdoor products and architectural lighting for enhancing internal and external structures and buildings. We are continually innovating with new products to ensure we offer our customers the very latest and exhilarating effects.

Reliability Is Everything

The UK has one of the highest mains voltages in the world, reaching over 250 volts in some locations. If a 220 volt product is connected to these high voltages, they will potentially run too hot and cause a failure of the product far sooner than it should.

All Lanta products are designed to operate at the UK maximum of 230VAC +10% (253VAC). Many foreign products are specified at 220V and great care should be exercised when using these products in the UK. In addition it is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT that electrical items sold in the UK for connection to the UK mains supply must be FITTED with a 3 pin UK mains plug with the correct fuse rating. (An unattached adaptor is not legal).

Items sold with foreign mains plugs are not legal for use in the UK and must not be used.

Customer Success

Lanta products have been used in some of the most prestigious events, including large sports arenas and Olympic venues, high profile buildings, some of the biggest concerts and outdoor events. Please contact us for details of recent locations and customer testimonials, echoing our promise of reliability and affordability, coupled with outstanding performance and brightness. Our colour mixing performance is legendary and is especially effective in theatre and TV environments.