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Product Quality & Compliance

Products from Lanta Lighting meet all required safety standards in force at the time of manufacture and are fully compliant with them.

Unpacking & Inspection

  • Inspect the packaging before opening. If the packaging appears to have sustained significant damage, please take extra care before using the product. If you are in any doubt, consult a suitably qualified professional.
  • If you suspect the product has been damaged, do not use it. Return it to your original supplier without delay.
  • Keep all packaging in a safe place for storage or transportation in future.

Manufacturer Warranty

  • This Manufacturer Warranty is valid in the UK only.
  • Impact Products warrants that this product is free from workmanship defects and material failure during normal use and operation for a 12 month period from original date of sale,providing all of terms indicated in the warranty section have been fully complied with. Please refer to your suppliers T&C’s for warranty details.
  • Expressly excluded is our liability for any directly connected or indirectly connected item or items or any consequential loss associated with the failure of the product however caused.
  • If the product has been opened, modified, tampered with, incorrectly connected, used inappropriately or in conflict with the instructions herein, or the product model or serial number has been damaged, removed, tampered with, obliterated or made partly unreadable by any person or persons, the Manufacturer Warranty is irrevocably null and void.
  • No extension, adaption, alteration or modification to the terms of this Manufacturer Warranty will be permitted, unless expressly authorised in writing (excluding email and fax) by a Director of Impact Products. Warranty is transferrable during the Warranty period.

For Further Information about Impact Products

Our website can be found at https://lantalighting.com and is available for the benefit of customers worldwide. Please consult for information, advice and support on this and other high quality products from Impact Products.


Battery Operated Products

Some Impact Products products include an internal battery for portable use. These batteries are high energy rechargeable devices and for safety and product performance purposes these batteries have a permanent connection between the appliance and the battery.

The batteries are constructed from Lithium Ion materials, a much safer product than older generation primary Lithium batteries. Great care must be exercised when handling and disposing of these batteries and they must only be accessed and/or serviced by an authorised Impact service centre.


End of life disposal of the product and/or the battery must not be disposed in domestic rubbish or other non-specific recycling centre. Only disposal sites that fully conform to the requirements of the EU Battery Directive are permitted to recycle these products and batteries.

Please visit www.gov.uk for further information.